Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress 2016

Congress program for download

logo800The Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress 2016 enlightet some very important topics, and we are happy to be able to publish the congress program as dowload version HERE.

We hope that even those who were not attending the congress, can take part of the congress by reading the congress program.

Resolution by the Rhodesian Ridgeback World Conference 2016

voteAs a response to the FCI suggestion of introducing a ridgeless variant (please see the presentation by Astrid Indrebø on the program page) the congress majority voted for the following resolution:

The 2016 Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress recognizes that breeders are autonomous and are the best arbiters of what should happen in their whelping box. To that end, the 2016 RRWC strongly encourages breed clubs to avoid punitive language in their codes of ethics or other official documents regarding the breeding of health Rhodesian Ridgebacks with only cosmetic faults, and strongly encourages openness and honesty between breeders.

Presentations online

scotty presentationThank you all for contributing to this amazing conference. The committee has recouperated and is now in the process of following up.

The first presentations have been uploaded to the webpage, and can be found in the congress program. Some lecturers have not allowed their presentations to be shared online, and will thus not be available. 

Congress successfully concluded

committeeAfter four years of planning, the Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress 2016 in Lund, Sweden has come to an end. During the week, lovely dogs has been shown at the specialty shows in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Most importantly, it has been a time where important topics have been discussed, and new and old friendships has been established and maintained.
We want to thank the over 200 breed enthusiasts from all over the world who attended the congress and made it to an event to remember.
See you in Germany 2020!

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